Hull and machinery damages

In the event of hull or machinery damages on board your ship, Hanse Survey is your partner, who takes care of the issue in a fast, reliable, discreet and competent way.

Prompt action is extremely important in order to keep arisen damage as minimal as possible, avoid injuries to people and prevent bigger damages to ship and environment.

On the basis of our inquiries we calculate the extent of damage, the reason, the cause of events and offer solutions in order to avoid respectively to limit the damage. It is self-evident that we also consider liability claims in our investigations.

We also offer you support with necessary repairs and keep you informed about the degree of completion.

We assure that all operations are carried out according to specification and that invoices are correlated and transparent so that your vessel can get into service as soon as possible.

Trust in the experience of our team – not only concerning the inspection of hull and machinery damages but also concerning handling and treatment.