Draught survey for bulk cargo

For the consignee or the recipient it is of special interest to know the exact amount of cargo which is on board and which is shipped with a Bill of Lading. This is difficult with “shapeless“ liquids or bulk cargo. That is why we recommend to perform a “Draught Survey“ or an ullage inspection of the cargo tanks.

Before beginning respectively after the end of the loading our surveyors inspect the cargo holds or tanks of the vessel. This inspection is carried out by a certified surveyor appointed by the Chamber of Commerce (IHK Emden). During this process the amount of cargo is calculated in consideration of temperature, density, trim, bending etc.

Subsequent claims for damages or discrepancies can only be avoided by the use of a professionally performed “Draught Survey“, since the volume of the cargo spaces respectively the tanks are exactly known.

If desired we retrieve samples of the cargo and forward them to a specialized laboratory for analyses.